He Did It!!!

My hubbie is officially an Iron Butt Motorcyclist! He just arrived in Ontario, California (Los Angeles) to the final checkpoint at 5:30 am (PST). He said he got to see the lights of L.A. in the valley as he rode in - kinda celebratory. The man sounds happy and relieved.
     He says he has a photo, which I'll post as soon as I get it. The banquet is tonight, and then he begins the journey back to Atlanta. Can't wait to have my hubbie home. What an accomplishment!!!

PS - Funny story - he rode through a dust storm yesterday and said he'd never been so dirty in his life. He's showered since then... Here is a photo of his bike (which is still filthy) last night in Barstow.


Woo hoo! Stan the Man!
BIg D said…
Congratulations to your hubbie!! What an accomplishment.
Deebi27 said…
What a sore bottom hubby must have at this point! Ouch! Congrats to your husband...what an accomplishment!
GottaHaveJC said…
How neat! My cousin, Claye Curtis, does these Iron But rides! I love to read about their exploits! Great job!
Their sanity is most definitely in question. :)
Catrick said…
Congrats to hubbie...welcome to the Iron Butt club!


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