Customizable eReader covers

I loved seeing the classic book covers turned into eReader cases, but man, they were Expensive! So, here's one better... has come up, not only with covers based on famous books, but now you can order a customized cover for about $40! Now THAT is doable! And what author wouldn't want a cover of their own book, I ask? Very cool.
MyEdge customized jackets


writerPB55 said…
Love the interview. Book and illustrations sound wonderful. Great addition to a home library and school media center.
Christina said…
I really enjoy your blog. So much useful information!
I'm so glad Christina!

WriterPB55 - if you're trying to enter the giveaway - please leave your comment under the giveaway post! :)
Sally said…
Thanks for the eReader covers link -- love 'em!

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