One of the best parts of being a children's writer is celebrating the successes of friends. Several members of my critique group, Kim Siegelson, Robyn Hood Black, Me, Vicky Alvear Shecter (we just celebrated the release of her CLEOPATRA'S MOON) met up at the Decatur Library the other night to listen to Lynn Cullen (seated and signing!) talk about her latest historical fiction REIGN OF MADNESS - the story of Juana de Castile - was she really mad or was she just framed that way?
     Lynn is also the author of I AM REMBRANDT'S DAUGHTER (which made the Georgia Center for the Book's "25 Books All Young Georgians Should Read" list) and THE CREATION OF EVE, along with two picture books including MOI & MARIE ANTOINETTE. In fact, the first time I met Lynn, she was wearing a tall grey wig and period clothing in celebration of the picture book.
     Wow, has she come a long way. Now she goes on "research" trips to investigate the stories she shares about strong women in difficult situations. I highly recommend her stories!

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