Book Signings!

12 Days'Tis the season to celebrate THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS IN GEORGIA with book signings at indie booksellers all over my fair state of Georgia. Susan Rosson Spain (the author) has done most of the leg work this year as I'm still healing from foot surgery (but getting MUCH better!). And we're still doing several signings together.
Here we are at Scott's Bookstore with owner Earlene Scott:

Thursday we stopped by Hall's Book Exchange in Gainesville, Georgia where we caught up with fellow writer friends Robyn Hood Black and Paula Pucket. He we all are - me, Susan, Myra Meade (owner), Robyn, and Paula.

Hanging out with fellow book lovers is the best part of book signings - especially when we color coordinate! :)


Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

You guys are tearing it up!

Robyn Hood Black said...

SO FUN catching up with you all!