John C. Campbell - Creating Picture Books Class

Almost every year I have the pleasure of teaching Creating Picture Books over a weekend at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina. It's a nice place to visit:

And this year's class was a great one.
     I actually had several illustrators in the group as well as writers, so was able to share more about the process of illustrating picture books too. It's an intense weekend, as usual, but again it was amazing to see students' work change so drastically in that short time. It truly makes me happy to know that I'm helping others learn about a craft I hold so dear.
     Here I am with my students:

     Some are holding the "mini-dummies" we create to focus on key points in their stories. It's a fun exercise (they get to draw and color) but it also zooms in on what a story is really about. Very cool.
     And to top it off, we were there for the Fireside Sale weekend, which means the campus was decorated with wreaths and Christmas trees and twinkle lights. Ahhhhh.

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