Cleveland Road Elementary

Last week was a busy one, what with the conference and TWO school visits! On Friday I drove to Bogart, Georgia (just west of my alma mater - UGA) and Cleveland Road Elementary School. Gwen Bailey has set up a wonderful library environment for her students - and this one you see just as you walk into the school. Love that.
     The kids were awesome. Here is one group as viewed over my books...

     And one helping me do my demonstration drawing (so cute)!

     There were quite a few hearing impaired students at this school, so I had a translator next to me during all my presentations. (I had to learn to slow down.) I also got to wear some lovely necklaces which made it easier for some of the students to hear me. It was very cool, actually. These kids were taken care of!

     Several reporters from the school newspaper interviewed me and joined us for lunch. Did you know what you wanted to do at that age? These kids are already several steps ahead of the game. So good. Can you tell who the ham in the bunch was? :)

     I tell ya - a dedicated media specialist, teacher or librarian can make such an enormous difference to students. Gwen works hard for her Title One school. They have a smart board (love those!) and host several authors in a year. She applies for grants like crazy, so there's proof it can be done. And wow do her students benefit from her efforts. They are lucky to have her! Thank you Gwen!

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