Westmont's Dinosaur

Tuesday I had the great honor of visiting Westmont Elementary School in Augusta, Georgia. I'll go into more detail about my visit in a later post, but had to share this part... They had a dinosaur! I don't know what kind it is, but I was thrilled that I could now be a part of Gret Leitich Smith's website as he gets fired up about his new book CHRONAL ENGINE (kids go back to the dinosaur age using a time machine...). Greg has collected links of children's book authors and illustrators with dinosaurs. "Well that'll never happen," I thought. "Where am I going to find a real life dinosaur?" Who knew it was at Westmont Elementary all along...


My husband the dinosaur nut thinks that is a Hadrosaur.
Rhonda Miller said…
Sounds like a fun visit. Thanks for sharing the pic.

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