I'm inspired

Remember I told you about my Little Free Library? One of the reasons I wanted to take it on is I wanted to paint again. Since I work digitally and write on my computer, most of my creativity has been restrained to this desk of late. I hoped doing the Little Library would shake me out of that rut, and it worked!
     When author/illustrator Katie Davis came in town a day early for a conference to go play, we headed to Wild Oats & Billy Goats. It's this ADORABLE gallery in downtown Decatur, Georgia, chocked full of folk art.
     Quick note: This may sound strange, but I usually hate going to galleries. Most people walk in and go WOW. I walk in and go "Why didn't I think of that?.." or "I could make that..." or "That gives me an idea..." Galleries end up being very frustrating places for me. But this one is something special. This one I walk into, and not only do I buy a lot of artwork, I get inspired to contribute to the collection.
     Katie struck gold there for all her holiday shopping and while she was purchasing, I talked to the manager. How do they handle framing, what's their commission, etc, etc. I walked out with a newfound resolve to create some art with their gallery in mind.
     So this past weekend, I hit Home Depot and Michaels for supplies and I went a little nuts. Here's our dining room table right now:

     How long do you think hubbie will let me keep it this way? Hmmm? I hope as long as it takes me to figure out these danged peaches I want to paint. So far, so... well, not great.
     But the sculpy!!! OH, I had FUN with the sculpy!!!
     My whole life I've made these weird little trolls whenever I get near sculpting media. This time was no different. I haven't painted them yet, but here they are so far...

     What do you think, do you like them?
     Stan asked, "Why do you keep making them picking their noses?"
     "Because trolls are gross and that's what they do," I say.
     I don't know why I get tickled over these little dudes. But now I'm thinking pandas and mermaids... I need to go buy more sculpy. Mostly because I'm going to have to make a whole slew of these things before I get close to being able to part with them! And how many should be Christmas gifts first?
     Meanwhile - I'm having a blast!


SiskiyouSue said…
I think trolls are the part of us that we never bring out in the light of day... They're too much fun! Pretty cute.
OMG, I LOVE the trolls! I didn't know about them--I knew about your adorable little stuffed monsters but these are awesome. Boy you are in a creative frenzy, girl! :-)
Susan Spain said…
Too cute, e. And um... about those Christmas gifties, um, your author for THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS IN GEORGIA would just adore a sea creature sculpture... no pressure... I don't even care if it's picking its gills... LOL Seriously, great fun, seeing these!
Gift REQUESTS!!!??? Gads guys - are these EVER going to make it to the gallery???? {8-P
Sarah Lamstein said…
Love the nose-picking!

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