My studio - Video Studio Tour

Welcome to the very first Southern Breeze Studio Video Tour for SCBWI Southern Breeze. A peek into MY office - Elizabeth O. Dulemba (Southern Breeze Illustrator Coordinator).
     We hope to do these regularly to give you a peek into how some of our Illustrator members work. Mine is the guinea pig tour. So have a look and leave some feedback in the comments - here or at its home on the Southern Breeze Illustrators' Corner blog. Please let us know - is it too long, too short, what else would you have liked to see?

     Next month's tour will be in children's book author/illustrator Sarah Frances Hardy's studio (Southern Breeze Assistant Illustrator Coordinator West). So subscribe to the Southern Breeze Illustrators' Corner blog to be alerted!

P.S. - The Little Free Library showcased in the video is now on auction to raise money for the Decatur Book Festival!


Leanne said...

Thanks for the tour Elizabeth! It was great to see! My studio looks more like your closet! :D (the piles of untidy things). I love all the little details like your grandfather's chair, your grandmother's foot stool. Interesting to see your whole set up.

Two suggestions for future studio videos: make sure that the voice is loud enough throughout the video, and perhaps a wee bit more zoom out establishing shots so we can see the whole interaction of all the details we see up close, and the general layout of the studio from as far away as possible.

Those are small and quick things... in general it is very well done, and a real treat!

Susan said...

You have a great space - so much fun to see other artist studios!

McDonnellDoodles said...

Wow, I'm impressed, e! You've inspired me to get organized and work harder!