My studio - Video Studio Tour

Welcome to the very first Southern Breeze Studio Video Tour for SCBWI Southern Breeze. A peek into MY office - Elizabeth O. Dulemba (Southern Breeze Illustrator Coordinator).
     We hope to do these regularly to give you a peek into how some of our Illustrator members work. Mine is the guinea pig tour. So have a look and leave some feedback in the comments - here or at its home on the Southern Breeze Illustrators' Corner blog. Please let us know - is it too long, too short, what else would you have liked to see?

     Next month's tour will be in children's book author/illustrator Sarah Frances Hardy's studio (Southern Breeze Assistant Illustrator Coordinator West). So subscribe to the Southern Breeze Illustrators' Corner blog to be alerted!

P.S. - The Little Free Library showcased in the video is now on auction to raise money for the Decatur Book Festival!
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