Children's Book Art Auction

Got a spare original print run copy of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE signed by Maurice Sendak - maybe with a hand-drawn sketch in it? It could be worth about $15,000.
     How about an original sketch for "Little House on the Prairie" by my hero, Garth Williams? That'll be worth a cool $40,000.
     These and works by Dr. Seuss, Charles M. Schulz, Michael Hague and more are about to GO ON AUCTION. Click the image to see more.
     Gads, I wish I could afford to be a collector!


Robyn Hood Black said...

I'll take the Garth Williams dust jacket, the Beatrix Potter kitties, and any of those Maurice Sendaks, thank you.

Storied Cities said...

Ah, yes! I wish I could be a collector too. My mom just sent me a copy of a vintage book from her childhood that sells for several hundred in good condition. Um, my copy has pages falling out. But the upside is that I will always have it to read!

Elizabeth O Dulemba said...

That's what you call a personal treasure! And I'm with you on the Garth Williams dust jacket Robyn! :) e