Coloring Page Tuesday - Mittens!

     Brrrrrr! Even here in Georgia it's getting cold outside. How about where you live? I love grabbing my scarf and mittens - they feel so cozy and happy!
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Ardilla said…
Thank you, Elizabeth!
Here is cold too, we are having bellow cero temperatures since the last three weeks :)
Sandy said…
Thanks so much for the coloring page :) It's 18 degrees here right now, so fun things to do inside are right up our alley.
Borqna said…
Dear Elizabeth - exactly what I needed - these warm scarf, hat and gloves! Here is also very cold. We had a snowstorm!
Thank you very much for this great image! I can not wait for next Tuesday!
Wish you creative inspiration and success!
I'm so glad you all like my mittens! We need them! :) e
Thanks for the hat and mittens freebie.

Lisa D.
Thanks for the hat and mittens freebie.

Lisa D.

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