Russian Illustrator Francesca Yarbusova - GIVEAWAY!

Today I have a special treat for you. The publicist, Jennifer B., at ACC Distribution recently got in touch with me. This Spring they are launching several books from overseas on our US shores. (UK too.) Three of the titles are illustrated by Russian artist, animated film art director, and illustrator, Francesca Yarbusova. While she has won many awards in Russia, she may be new to many of us here on the other side of the globe. Let's remedy that, because her work is GORGEOUS!!!
     First let's look at HEDGEHOG IN THE FOG written by Sergey Kozlov and Yuri Norstein (her husband). While it reads like a translated book (a little clunky and non-sensical at times) the imagery will suck you in. Owl, bat, horse and snail all appear and disappear into the foggy night. And whatever that creature is in the river, we may never know, but it saves dear Hedgehog who is finally able to join his friend Bear to drink tea and watch the stars. This one line translated beautifully:
"[The Moon] hung over the roof, right behind the chimney. The stars to the right of the chimney belonged to Bear. The stars to the left were Hedgehog's."
     How sweet is that!?

     Next is MISHMASH by Korney Chukovsky who was also a translator, so this one reads fine. Laugh-out-loud fine as all the barnyard animals decide to make the sounds of the other animals instead of their own. Francesca's brush work really shines in this book, as the figures stand out against the white ground. The images remind me of work by the great artists of the early Golden Books: Gustaff Tenggren's; Garth Williams; and Tibor Gergely.

     Finally, my favorite. THE FOX AND THE HARE by Vladimir Dal. This is a Russian folk-tale, a little like a cross between "The Three Little Pigs" and "Little Red Riding Hood" although nobody eats that cute little bunny. (Not sure why - or the Rooster, for that matter.) Again, the artwork shines with a folksy feeling and borders that pull you into the scene. They remind me of a modern-day illustrator's work, Julie Paschkis. This to me is how beautiful picture books can be. CLICK HERE to see more of Ms. Yarbusova's work.

     Each of these titles is cloth-bound and beautifully produced and ACC is willing to give one copy away to THREE of my commenters. How generous! So be sure to enter below... (Must live in the continental US to win.) a Rafflecopter giveaway
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