Coloring Page Tuesday - Tribute Bear

     Time to remember... Tomorrow we remember 9/11. (Click here to learn about the memorial.) It's also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I didn't want to give you a simple ribbon - you can get those anywhere. But a bear with a ribbon! Now that's something I can give you to help you honor those we have lost.
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Rhonda Miller said…
Thank you.
Thanks so much for continuing to share your sweet images!
You are most welcome!! Thanks for leaving a note - it means a lot to me! :)
jennabelle said…
This image is so perfect for me! My youngest grandchild was in a near drowning and suffered severe brain damage. Traumatic Brain Injury ribbon is green. My father collected teddy bears. We lost him to prostate cancer two years ago. Prostate Cancer ribbon is baby blue.I so appreciate an image that be for any cause you wish to make it. The expression of the Teddy is so tender and sweet. Thank you!
Jennabelle, Your note means so much to me - thanks so much for sharing! e

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