Book Signing at Barnes & Noble

Friday night I had the pleasure of sharing LULA'S BREW and sang (yes, sang) THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS IN GEORGIA with a fun audience at Barnes & Noble in Cumming, Georgia. Although not obvious from this photo, I had a really nice crowd that grew and grew as the laughter got louder. (Love that!)
     Author Janice Hardy recommended me to the event planner as this is her B&N and they've been great supporters of hers for years. Janice was there to promote her "Healing Wars" trilogy - which I highly recommend!

     As much as people say all big box stores are the same - they're not. It's all about the people who work there and their dedication to the local reading and writing community. This is a good one. As are the B&Ns all over the country who hosted local authors in their areas. (My bud Vicky Alvear Shecter was at the Norcross B&N, did you see her there?)

     I signed some books, hung out with writer friends (hi Donna!) and got to laugh with some kids. All in all a great night.

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LorettaEllsworth said...

You're right, Elizabeth-not all B&N stores are the same - glad to see this one supports local authors. Great event!