A BIRD ON WATER STREET Teacher's Guide is HERE! (And a new reader...)

The Teacher's Guide with Talking Points for A BIRD ON WATER STREET is now available (CLICK HERE), and it made me cry when I read it. I know that sounds silly, but imagine if you will... A person who I've never met, Meredith Moran of Little Pickle Press, read my book and not only picked up on the subtle points I thought nobody would catch, she brought up points even I didn't catch! Some of the symbolism she featured wowed my socks off... I did THAT??? Really!? Wow! The way she explains, yup, I did indeed do that, and I'm so impressed with myself!
     When you're in the thick of writing a story, while you try to be pithy and profound (of course!), you don't always realize what you're doing. She made me sound brilliant! And she made me feel like I'd done exactly what I was hoping for... like what I saw in Pharrell Williams' video with Oprah when she said, "You've created something greater than yourself."
     And that's why I cried. I wasn't on Oprah, but I might as well have been. Have you ever known a Teacher's Guide could make an author cry? I think I'm the luckiest writer on the planet!
     Add to that, I received this...
     Carol Crawford, who invited me to speak at the Blue Ridge Writers Conference, shared this awesome photo with me recently... This is Peg Clow, a Copperhill native (where my story takes place), with her brand new copy of A BIRD ON WATER STREET given to her on her birthday. More crying! This just makes me so happy! Thank you for sharing, Carol!


Jess accetta said…
I cannot wait to read it! Go you. Very inspiring as always...

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