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27 April 2014

This makes me happy too! Wall mural...

Kaisa Ruth recently emailed me... she used some of my coloring pages to create a mural in her children's bedroom.
As she said: "It started out with the girl fairy sitting on the books, but when my son moved in to his sister's room I decided to look for a boy fairy. So I googled and found the boy who looked like a brother to the girl - your drawing! So I painted him on a pile of books too. Then we decided to have that room as the children's playing room - all the toys there and LOTS of colours etc. So when our third daughter came I asked you if you could draw a flying baby girl fairy. And so you did! And I am so happy with the result! And the kids LOVE it!"
Is this not the cutest thing!? OMG. Thank you for sharing Kaisa Ruth!
Click the image to see it larger in a new window.


Olivia Parks said...

Love this idea! Great wall mural!


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