More Snow!

It's been a whiter winter than usual here in Scotland (from my experience so far). My train ride to Glasgow on Tuesday was so lovely, I have to share...
Can you see the sheep? No? It's because they're white.
Bwahahaha! I'm kidding, there weren't any sheep in these photos. (I tried to get a photo with the sheep, but it didn't turn out.) Although, there's definitely a storm in this second photo.
There's a saying here in Edinburgh...
Can you see the Firth?
Then it's raining.
Then it's about to rain.
This snowman was sitting on a bench outside the library.
The view out of my office was lovely.
As was the view out the front of the building.
All that said, it was really hard to navigate all the steep hills as the sidewalks grew icy. I was sore from walking like a penguin all day! Eh, it's worth it.

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