Teaching Perspectives Inventory

This is cool. As part of a teaching certification course (DAT - Developing As A Teacher) I'm taking at the University of Glasgow, I was asked to take the Teaching Perspectives Inventory test, otherwise known as TPI. It's a list of questions to surmise one's teaching style in five categories: Transmission, Apprenticeship, Developmental, Nurturing, and Social Reform. Here's what my results looked like.
Not surprisingly, I scored very high on the 'nurturing' perspective of teaching. In fact, I've often been called a 'Mama Bear' when it comes to how I interact in teaching and leadership situations. (Something I'm quite proud of.) This test simply confirmed that. But it also gave me some other areas to consider in my ongoing efforts to grow.
     Are you a teacher? Want to try this yourself? It's a free online test at www.teachingperspectives.com.

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