Weekly moving to ...

Hello Dear Readers,

You may see a few changes coming with Dulemba.com's weekly missives... between the PhD and full-time teaching (and still creating children's books), for the New Year I have to admit that I need to give myself a little more space to simply be. So, I will be reducing the quantity of newsletters in the future—maybe to every other week, maybe to once a month, I'm not sure yet. But with less mailings, along with the posts you're used to seeing, I will hopefully be giving you even more thorough and enjoyable content.

For those of you who enjoy my coloring pages - never fear - after 13 years of never missing a Tuesday there are over 700 free coloring pages for you to enjoy at ColoringPageTuesdays.com and I'll keep adding more, even if not every week. Can you believe it - 700!? Wow.

So stick with me folks, as the adventure continues! And THANK YOU for being there!

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