WU Graduation Ceremony

We actually had an in-person graduation ceremony at Winthrop this year! Granted, it was in an enormous space with social distancing and masks...
But it still had the pomp and circumstance, and students walked the stage to accept their diplomas (one of the benefits of being a smaller university).
Faculty sat way up behind the stage so that we could see the ceremony, but still save room for all the students' family members. Here I am with Karen O. and Myles C.
It was the first time I got to wear my own regalia officially - check out the fuschia! This is the PhD robe for my discipline at the University of Glasgow! (Sadly, our summer ceremony has already been cancelled, so this is sort of my celebration too.)
We all wore our proper regalia; although the rule for Glasgow is that our robes should be worn "carelessly" - HA! Here I am with Wanda E. and Karen O. again.
Did you notice my pink nails? I am so not a pink person, but I am embracing it with my new robes!
     After the ceremony, it is so fun to walk through the crowd of students and parents. People are crying and hugging and smiling, and the energy is just SO GOOD!!!
That might be my favorite part. Or is it when families cheer? Or when some of the kids stomp while receiving their diploma? I don't know - it's all simply WONDERFUL!!! And so much better IN PERSON!!!

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