I'm in New York City - Chapter 2!

Ellen tried to teach me how to use the submway as she, Delia, and I headed to the Hilton Midtown the next day, where the SCBWI Conference is taking place.
I checked into the hotel and we picked up Mary Jane Begin, our Illustration Chair, who took the train in from Providence to help with the conference. Together, we headed to Soba-ya in the East Village.
They had these tiny, intricate figurines (I assume they were antique ivory) at the entrance.
The food was delicious - so sorry I didn't get a photo! Afterwards, we wandered around the East Village - a neighborhood I could definitely see myself living in—it's such an eclectic mix!

We stopped at Tokyo Taiyaki for desert.
They make these amazing pancake-like pastries stuffed with red bean paste (or other options).
They were so yummy, but very filling!
     Ellen and Delia caught the subway home and MJ and I decided to walk around Time Square.

We got a bit turned around, so it ended up being some exercise, but gads, we had fun talking like crazy and soaking up the energy of the city that never sleeps!
We earned a good night's sleep, ready to hit the ground running the next morning!

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Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

It looks like you're having a blast! Yay!

Anonymous said...

You look great! So happy you are enjoying great adventures.