Barnes & Noble Edgewood!

     My first book signing at one of the "biggies"! Today I read from "Glitter Girl and the Crazy Cheese" to an enthusiastic, young audience. The first thing we saw when we arrived, was a sign with balloons in front of the store, another just inside, another in the kids book section and yet another on the storytelling stage! John McGee, the Community Relations Manager, did me up right! He made announcements in the store as storytime grew closer (so fun to hear your name announced over an intercom - even though I could see John standing there doing it - heehee). He sang a song with the kids, read a book, then turned the stage over to me. My feather boa always goes over big with the little ones, especially when I tell them it's magic. Of course, I left a trail of purple feathers. John had me sign several copies of Glitter Girl for the store and add "autographed copy" stickers. Very cool. What a sweet children's area.
     I have to say, even though Barnes & Noble is a big chain, I get the feeling that each location is very much its own entity and that the Edgewood store is really trying to become much more than "just a store," but a real resource for their community. Everybody I met there is passionate about books, and obviously proud. It was very, very groovy.

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