Illustration Friday: Quiet

     Lula wanted to be a famous chef with her very own restaurant. But her Aunties Zelda, Tippy, and Dink, were notorious witches, and they were determined that Lula would be the wickedest witch of them all.
     The Aunties made Lula read stacks of books on magic spells and potions. "You can make people do anything you want," they said, "or turn them into toads!"
     "How boring," Lula thought and studied cookbooks instead.

     A snippet from my picture book dummy "Lula's Brew." Reading is usually quiet time, but you've got to wonder how relaxing it would be with witches looking over your shoulder!

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Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm sure it is a blast!

I love her little stocking and that expression on her face. So lovely!