Barnes & Noble - Northpoint!

     Just got back from a fabulous book signing at the Northpoint Barnes & Noble. What a well loved store!
     The red hat ladies were coming later, so for the kids that morning, we had a pink hat party. Katie (the regular storyteller) started storytime, then handed them over to me to read Glitter Girl and draw, while Shannon (the Community Relations Manager, or CRM) and her soon to be replacement, Dan, handed out the 84 glitter cheese sammies I made. (That was an adventure – my kitchen is still sparkly). There weren't many left over.
     Then it was time to color. The kids were so cute as they laid about the stage coloring Glitter Girl. Obviously, they are comfortable in this store. (It's a very loyal crowd.)
     It was so fun just hanging out:
If you're in one of the pictures (Hi!), please leave me a note!
     Cindy (the children's department head and a bookselling legend in her own right) had me sign an enormous stack of books. She said she'd already sold more than that before my visit - thank you Cindy!

     I tell you, I have yet to meet somebody who works with children's books who isn't passionate about them. It's a different kind of animal I think. The nice thing about the Northpoint store is how much a part of these kids lives' it is. It's cozy and personal and the obvious passion of a loyal staff and neighborhood. You guys ROCK!

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