Call for RSS help!

     If you look to my sidebar you'll see that I've added a link to my blog on LiveJournal - I'm finally going there too (although I'll keep this as my main blog for now). I've heard too many wonderful things about the community and friend capabilities of LiveJournal. However, I don't want to have to come up with new content for every community blog I use (Facebook, MySpace, LiveJournal, etc.) I want to post once and have the other programs pick up an RSS feed.
     I've managed to make this happen in Facebook (here's the walk through to set this up and here's my profile on facebook - notice the feed.)
     I also managed to create a syndicated feed for LiveJournal which dumps into my Friends Page.
     But here's the question . . . how do I get that feed to dump into my Main Page on LiveJournal? And is it even possible in MySpace?? Any cyber-geniuses out there who could help me with this? (I'll do a cut and paste on this for LiveJournal today.)

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