Kindling Words 2008

     I may be a bit silent over the weekend because I'll be in Vermont. Yes, everyone should head to the frigid north in January. This southerner is in for a shock! The forecast predicts a 15° high in Vermont for my trip tomorrow! Brrrrrrr.
     So what is worth braving the arctic tundra? Kindling Words of course!
     Kindling Words is the créme de la créme of writer's/illustrator's conferences held every year at the Inn at Essex. Many NY editors use it as a winter break to relax and rejuvinate for the upcoming year. But I'm going for some intensive writing advice. I'll spend three days learning technique from award winning authors Laurie Halse Anderson (author of the classic, "Speak") and Linda Sue Park (author of the 2002 Newbery Medal for "A Single Shard"). The illustrator's strand is hosted by Grand Dame Vera B. Williams. Can you imagine? It doesn't get any better!
     I'll also be rooming with fellow writer/illustrator, Sarah Dillard. (Cheet-O's and Teen Beat mags rule!)
     Add to that, 40 attendees will kick off the weekend with a book signing at Phoenix Books on Thursday at 4pm. And wow, what company I'll be sharing - take a look! Intimidated? Me? Um, yah, a little bit. Drop by if you're in the area - it promises to be something special.
     I'll try to share a bit while I'm there, but no promises until I get home. Send warm wishes my way!

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