Illustration Friday: 100%

     Interesting topic this week and I'm going to share some art from my first picture book (with my name on the cover), The Prince's Diary. It's a Cinderella story from the Prince's point of view, but it can tie into the philosophy of 100% pretty well.
     Sometimes, like for Cinderella, life throws us curves or makes us go through trials we'd rather not, but that's how life works. There's no such thing as being 100% safe and secure in anything we do and that lack of control can be very scary. It's how we deal with that lack of control that reflects who we are as people. That's the one thing we do have power over.
     How about you? Do you let the trials in life swallow you up, or do you decide to remain positive and look for the good in difficult situations? It's 100% up to you.
     Starting out this new year I wonder, are there some difficult hurdles in your path this year? How do you plan to get over them? Can you see beyond them to a place you want to be and set your sights to get there?
     My personal philosophy? I set my sights for the very top of what is possible in life. That way, even if I only get half way there, it's still pretty darned good.

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