Coloring Page Tuesday - Mermaid

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     Why a mermaid today? I just felt like drawing something swirly. Enjoy!
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     OMG, this just cracked me up!! Look what CherylAnn Boothe made for a friend's daughter (turning 1 year old). Recognize the mermaid? Seems a shame to let a 1 year old dive into such a piece of art, but well, I'd be right there with 'em - it looks yummy! Fantastic CherylAnn - thanks for sharing!

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Wow, wow. Look at what Lorraine made for her granddaughter! And thanks to her friend Keziah for sending it in!

There's more! Kristi sent in a photo of her family working on a poster-sized version of my mermaid for her daughter's birthday party. Makes me smile!

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