My Books are in the Free Spirit Catalogue!

     I just received my copy of the Spring/Summer 2008 Free Spirit Publishing Catalogue and guess what I found? Yup! The first two books in the ParentSmart series (I'm the illustrator), "Ready for the Day" and "Ready for Bed," written by Stacey Kaye! (A few of the illustrations are in my portfolio if you'd like a closer look.)
     The listing mentions their June 2008 release, but I thought I'd give you a peek and let you know they're coming!!!
     Free Spirit specializes on materials to help children learn good social skills or deal with difficulties in life - a great company to work with. This series in particular teaches good parenting language - a big help for new parents. And did I mention it's a series? In fact, I'm diving into illustrations for the third book right now! The books aren't on the website yet, but you can learn more about Free Spirit by clicking on their logo!

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