Mo Willems at Little Shop of Stories

     Yup - that's him, right there, speaking to a packed house at Little Shop of Stories (probably the last big event before they move to their new location).
     Turns out Mo is VERY sensitive to camera flashes, so I didn't get any pictures with him (didn't want to stress him out over the possibility my flash might not be off). But wow, is he "flashy" (sorry) with the kids - he's so funny! Okay, maybe us adults were laughing just as hard, maybe harder. Mo shared his latest pigeon book - and only three days old we now know that . . . Pigeon Wants a Puppy!! (This has been a big, big secret.)
     Several writer/illustrator buds showed up and we waited a LONG time to get our books signed. I like to wait until the very end when things have quieted down a bit when you can get a chance to actually talk with the creators - and I did!
     Mo is super nice (and obviously patient) and actually asked to see Paco! Wowsa. We talked about our creative communities and how people in this biz tend to hang out and how nice they usually are. 'Twas nice. Hope to run into Mo again as the circles in this biz just seem to get smaller and smaller. What a great time!

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