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     Every Monster has his moment...
     You are going to vote tomorrow - yes? A group of children's book authors and illustrators are giving reasons why voting is so important to them today. Colleen, Lee, and Gregory started the idea, but check out the entire list of participants at Blog The VOTE.
     Why is it important to me? I think the last eight years are a perfect indicator of how vastly our lives are affected by the leaders we choose. I want to have a say in my life, my community and my world. Even if the result isn't what I would hope for - how awful would I feel if I hadn't even tried to make a difference?
     Be sure to check out my "EBEARy Vote Counts!" today too with a lovely quote from Bobby Kennedy. Kids can't vote - but coloring pages can be a great way to introduce them to the idea of why voting is so important. Talk to them while you color together...
     So, this ends up being an extra coloring page this week (and there will be another voting-themed coloring page tomorrow - my Voting Chihuahua") but you know the routine... click the image to open a .jpg to print and color. Send me your colored version (less than 1mb) to and I'll post it to my blog!
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