Audiobooks on the Road

     Have I mentioned how much I adore audiobooks? I listen to them while I draw or color. It frees my hand to do what it needs to do without my silly brain getting in the way.
     Hubbie and I also enjoy them on road trips. During our recent trip to Tybee we enjoyed NATION by Terry Pratchett read by my favorite reader, Stephen Briggs. (We're not finished with the story yet, so need to hit the road this weekend too!)
     Well, Random House is embracing audiobooks too with a new campaign called Listen Up Florida! They're working with the state to advertise audiobooks on billboards, radio, etc. They're also working with bookstores across the state to promote audiobooks and make them available.
     All I can say is, How GREAT is that!? And how wonderful would it be to see a billboard advertising your favorite YA novel vs. a fast-food chain? Wowsa.
     They're also running a video contest for teens which you can learn about at Fantasy Road Trip Contest.
     Thanks to Publishers Weekly for the heads up!

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