28 June 2009

Buffy vs. Edward (Twilight Remixed)

     This is awesome.
     I'll admit I got caught up in the Twilight phenomenon just like everybody else. I listened to the books on audio and it was fun - a lark. But the relationship between Bella and Edward was always disturbing. And I don't mean because he was a vampire. It was because their relationship was co-dependent, and identity-stripping to the max. Bella wasn't even interested in Edward until he displayed utter revulsion for her - or that's what she thought. Turns out he actually wanted to suck her blood, like really bad.
     So here were all these teenage girls gushing over Edward, learning all kinds of really terrible ideas about how a good, healthy relationship should function. (Stalking is not in the top ten of desirable elements.)      So, what to do?
     Turn Edward over to Buffy! She kicks... bum!!! She doesn't put up with his games, his need to consume and control - oh no. In fact, she puts it all in perspective - fantastic!! Go Buffy!!
     To read more about the creation of the video and its creators, visit rebellious pixels.



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