When friends succeed...

     I get a lot of emails from people who want to break into the children's book biz - heartfelt emails by true beginners. It's why I wrote my article, "How Do I Get Published." Unfortunately, I send them there knowing that my article paints a grim, albeit accurate, picture of the industry.
     Which is why, I must give a HUGE shout-out to some friends who have busted through the gates recently:

     Shelli Johannes Wells just got an agent, and she wrote a gripping round up of her path into this industry so far: The Inside Scoop!. If you want to know what getting into children's books takes - read her post. THIS IS the journey. (And yup, I did it too.)

     My right arm in so many ways, Liz Conrad, also signed with an agent this past week. Like Shelli, she had her pick and went with her gut in the end.

     And another of my posse, Vicky Alvear Shecter, recently signed on with my agent - we're agent sisters!

     So, it's not impossible to break into this business. I have some highly talented and determined friends who prove it. I'm just thrilled to be able to share this wild ride with them!

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