15 September 2009

Coloring Page Tuesday! - Pirate '09

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     Did you know that this Saturday is Talk Like a Pirate Day? This quirky holiday is the invention of two nutty guys, John Baur and Mark Summers (you can read about the creation of TLAP day here). I've done a pirate coloring page for several years now - you can find them at the Coloring Page Tuesday main collection under 'holidays'. And I'll have a big write-up on Saturday too - so be sure to come back matees or I'll make ye walk the plank - arrrr!!!!
     Click the image to open a .jpg to print and color. Send me your colored version (less than 1mb) to coloringpages@dulemba.com and I'll post it to my blog! Click here to find more coloring pages.

And to keep with the Random Act of Publicity, I want to let you know about their book, The Pirate Life. Check it out!



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