Coloring Page Tuesday! - Tofu Turkey

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     The holiday of elastic pants encroacheth.
     Gotta say, even though I'm not a vegetarian, it's the veggies that rock my boat at Thanksgiving - green bean casserole, root veggies, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, cranberry sauce. Okay, not all are veggies but you get my meaning. I'm all about the support dishes - yum!
     P.S. - Y'all feel free to change this turkey's message to one that works for your needs.
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Shelli said...

sadly mine is desserts :)

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Ha! Yeah - well - that too....

Embley Veronica said...

Thanks so so much! It's really hard for a vegan to find something that they can put on their thanksgiving cards. My family is probably sick of leaves and cornucopias. :) Now that the vegans outnumber the non-vegans in the family, a holiday that was once a little bit awkward is now one of my very favorite holidays since we just go ahead and make everything vegan friendly--tofurky (of course), green bean casserole (with the crunchy things on top, of course), sweet potatoes topped with pecans and brown sugar, stuffing minus the gibblets, mushroom gravy, mashed I'm starving! Yum!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Glad to be of service!