SOAP is the featured book trailer on FiledBy!

Have you heard of filedby? They're trying to build a database of all authors and I signed up for my "free" page (you get more features if you pay). Well, the guys at filedby have been showing me some serious love and I'm so flattered. My page on their site was featured in their latest email newsletter and my book trailer for SOAP, SOAP, SOAP is the featured trailer on their home page right now!
So, have you checked out filedby? What do you think????


Gail said...

You go, Elizabeth! Always one of the first to try something new :-) I'll be checking out FiledBy now. Hope your presentation in Savannah went well.

Jack Foster said...

Hey "e" Great stuff. I'm always up for some nice "clean" art, and what better subject than soap,soap,soap, :O) I was at the doctors office with my wife this morning and thumbed through a Highlights magazine like I usually do and lo and behold----illustrations by Elizabeth Dulemba. I know her! Nice work! I hope your talk in Savannah went well.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Savannah was great - thanks Gail! (Wrap-up going live tomorrow.)

And thanks Jack! :) e