Coloring Page Tuesday! - On the Farm

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     This week's coloring page was a request by Tobi-Dawne Smith. She said, "The wee girlie just asked me to find a picture of a farm. Don't suppose you'd consider tackling a small barn with a couple critters."
     Ha - love to! I loves me some farm critters.
     It also gave me the chance to cover a few other requests for pigs, sheep, horses and such. All together now... Moo! Nay! Bah! Oink! Cluck! Quack! and Cockadoodledoo!... (And yes, that may have to be the title of my next book.)
     Click the image to open a .jpg to print and color. Send your colored image (less than 1mb) to and I'll post it to my blog! Click here to find more coloring pages.

     Learn about my bilingual picture book Paco and the Giant Chile Plant ~ Paco y la planta de chile gigante - click the cover.

Please follow my copyright policy when you use my images! And share your creation on the Coloring Page Tuesday facebook page!

Look what Jackie Watts created!


JemKem said…
Oh I love this one :) SO great :)
Merrilee said…
I've only recently discovered your "Tuesday pages" and they are great! My son's appetite for things to colour in is rapacious, and these pictures are delightful. Thank you!
Yay! I'm glad y'all like this one! :) e
So cute. Thank you.
Deloris said…
Darling sketch! Thanks for sharing!
Shelly said…
I just love this. The animals are adorable. Thanks so much.
Wow - well this week's coloring page was obviously a hit!! Thanks for all your, well, thanks!
JemKem said…
Animals is always a hit ;)
Tobi-Dawne said…
Awwww... this is perfect. Lily-Ann is going to love it. :) Thanks so much for all you do.
Yay! Have fun Lily-Ann! :) e
TD Smith said…
Just noticed the date this was posted. :D A farm for the wee girlie ON HER THIRD BIRTHDAY!
No way! That's PERFECT!! Tell the wee girlie I say "Happy Birthday! Moooooo!"
TD said…
Will definitely pass on your birthday wishes. :) And thanks again... for all you do.
Kelley said…
Thank you for the farm image. I love it.

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