Dragon Boat Races - Heartbeat Charity

A few months ago I was approached by the colleagues working in the congenital heart and pregnancy services at Southampton University Hospital Cardiac Centre in Wessex, England. They were trying to raise funds for their Heartbeat Charity to purchase heart scanning equipment for high risk pregnancies through their 2010 Dragon Boat Challenge. And they needed a mascot.
     They found my happy dragon online - who has a heart at the end of his tail and was perfect for this cause. I was happy to let them use my art for such a worthy cause. All I asked in return is they send me a t-shirt and photos. Well, the t-shirt is on its way and the photos are fantastic. (Click here to see more pictures and here to learn more about the challenge.) Best of all, so far they've raise £1,678.50 which surpasses their goal for this much needed equipment! Good all around!

P.S. - I receive tons of requests to use my art for fund-raising activities. As long as my art is not being sold to do so, I usually say a very hearty 'yes' - but please ask and check my Angel Policy for details. Thanks!
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