Luv Monster

In my attempt to be more creative, outside of books, I finished my Luv Monster! I don't know why I make these things, but I just seem to enjoy doing embroidery-like stitching on felt. Hm. Anyhow, I hope to make a slew of Luv Monsters and then maybe sell them in a gallery or on eBay. Think there will be a market? :)


Too cute! Is there a story that goes with this Luv Monter?
No story for now. Hm. I'm working on another one though. :)
Dangit Nancy - you've got me writing a story!
Dana said…
That's adorable! Can't wait to read the story... ;-)
Donna Perugini said…
Luv the Luv Monster! How about a Luv Monster apron so we can wear it and be monstrously loveable while we cook?
Donna Perugini said…
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ann Koffsky said…
So--o-- cute! He looks like he was born to be a part of a story--and be sold on etsy, too!

Good luck with him,

OMG - on an APRON!? Perhaps I will not be able to part with this little bugger after all - he has licensing potential! :)
Beth said…
I Luv him!
Deebi27 said…
You bet, a family of these little guys would be great...then the story of course!
Story is written! We' ll see! :)
Mary Elizabeth said…
Awwwwww! He is just adorable!! Thanks for sharing him!

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