Bansky's Exit Through the Gift Shop

Whatever your opinion of graffiti, or street art (and I know many people hate it) - I happen to think it is one of the most under-recognized art forms in our society today. Some of these creators are doing absolutely brilliant work, which gets painted over in favor of white walls or paid advertisements - bah. Heck, I know of a wall near me that was painted over so the community could do an organized mural. (I thought the street art was much more interesting.)
     Now, before you go all ranting on me - I know taggers and the like are simply defacing private property - but I don't see street artists as being in the same league AT ALL. And I can't WAIT to see this movie:

Thanks to Jay Montgomery for the link.

And here's an idea - train cars. Street artists paint them anyway, turning rusting black boxes into moving art galleries as they pass before you at train crossings. I love to see watch them go by. Wouldn't it be cool if these were actually supported by society and the art community? Think about it.


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janice skivington said...

Liz, I totally agree with you about the train cars. I live in a town outside of Chicago with very heavy train traffic that cuts through the center of town. I can't get to my favorite art supply store, the library, or my kid's schools without waiting for at least one mile long freight train. So I amuse myself by enjoying the art.

Elizabeth O Dulemba said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone in this thinking! :) e