Rescued Baby Hummingbird

Need a smile to start your day. I dare you not to smile... impossible...

Thanks to Cute Overload for the heads up.


Joanna McDonald said…
What a precious video! It certainly
does put a smile on ones self!
Thanks for making my day brighter!
I love this! I saw so few out back this year around the feeders. That poor guy looked exhausted. I cannot imagine how time-consuming that was to nurture the baby. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for the post. I could almost see a smile on that little birds face!
Penni said…

Thanks for sharing this.

Mary Cunningham said…
So sweet. We had hummingbird feeders all summer. Love to watch them.

This little one is adorable.
First of all, I am in LOVE! With boy the boy and the bird. Makes me want to know about the boy--who is he? how did he know what to do? Did he always have such amazing kindness and patience? Could I even write a character like him--a beautiful, sensitive, patient soul--w/out people rolling their eyes and saying, "Unrealistic!"? Sigh.

PS: Do we know what happened to the little bird? Does he ever make it in the "real world?"
I agree Vicky - the boy would be a perfect protag for a YA novel! The whole thing just makes me all teary-eyed! :) e
Sara said…
This is absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for sharing! It did bring tears to my eyes also! I love hummingbirds and to see such little baby is amazing! And the boy that took such good care of him, priceless! Happy Creating! Sara
Wow! That young man will make a great father some day!

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