SCBWI Southern Breeze Fall Conference - WIK

The annual Writing and Illustrating for Kids conference, was in Birmingham last weekend. For the first time I gave a talk on Online Marketing - based on my article in the recent SCBWI Bulletin: "Marketing, The Snowball Effect."
     Thankfully, I've received excellent feedback on my talk and lots of nice compliments. (It's always a good sign when your attendees smile at you brightly in the halls.)
     And of course, the conference was top notch as usual. So great to hang out with friends!

Sandy Fry put together a great photo collage at (click WIK).


Not to mention that you got so much writing done! :-)
Karen Strong said…
I've heard that the WIK was excellent. So sorry that I missed it!
Yah- it was a good working weekend for me.

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