"The Snow Ball" app!! (and GIVEAWAY!)

Today I have the distinct pleasure of honoring a dear friend and amazingly talented illustrator, Liz Conrad, who we lost to cancer in 2009. Liz worked on a series of board books written by David Steinberg (Price Stern Sloan): The Turkey Ball; The Witches' Ball; The Bunny Ball; The Beach Ball; and The Snow Ball. With Liz's enhanced cut paper style, these books came to life as an adorable and successful series.
     And then came apps and ebooks. David had the wonderful idea that Liz's art would adapt well, and he was so right. With the family's permission and support, THE SNOW BALL app is born!
     And oh, does Liz's artwork shine! Turns out her style fits apps so incredibly well. And with the deft programming of PadWorx, movement and a game, PENGUIN ATTACK, bring THE SNOW BALL to life. Liz would have been thrilled. Without bias, I can say this is one of the best looking, most adorable children's apps I've ever seen.
     I asked David about how the app came to be...

Q. What a wonderful tribute to Liz and her artwork. What encouraged you to create "The Snow Ball" app?

A. The business of making children's books is really some kind of magic alchemy. You have so many ingredients that, when they come together just right, can really spring off the shelf. This is the way I felt about the five "holiday ball books" that I worked on with Liz. There is something about the playfulness of her designs and the colors and textures she chooses, that just always make my words complete. I love those books.
     Over the last year or so, I've been watching this evolving world of children's book apps for the exploding tablet market, and Liz's books jumped out at me as really lending themselves to this kind of treatment. When you look at her illustrations, there are so many fun details and you can't help wanting to see those adorable characters come to life. They're just begging for interactivity! So when my wife and I decided that we wanted to explore this new interactive book form, the first books I naturally wanted to try out were the ones Liz and I did together. I have always had a soft spot for The Snow Ball, and then when we mapped a production schedule out with PadWorx, the company we worked with in Toronto on this app, winter was the logical first season to go with. I contacted Liz's family to make sure they liked the idea, and they did--so we dove in and worked hard to make the app as magical as we imagined it could be. I am happy with the way it turned out and really the best praise I have received was from Liz's family, saying that they were sure Liz would have been happy with the results, as well. Of course, the app is dedicated to Liz's memory and we've committed to donating a portion of proceeds to the Cancer Society.

Thanks so much for creating THE SNOW BALL, David! CLICK HERE to learn more about David as well as the app at his website.

THE SNOW BALL is now available for $1.99 at:
The iTunes store for iPads & iPhones
and Android
AND you can download the game, PENGUIN ATTACK for free (without the book) at:
The iTunes store for iPads & iPhones
and Android.

David is kindly offering one free app to the winner of my drawing. Just leave a comment ON THIS BLOG POST and once we reach at least 12 comments, I'll do a drawing. You must leave your email address (your name at something dot come is fine) so I can get in touch with you, and live in the US or Canada to win.


Kristi Valiant said...

I only met Liz once, but she was so upbeat and friendly, she shined. Her illustrations would indeed make wonderfully interactive apps. How fun!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful things to do- I must admit I wasn't familiar with the books butwill check them out today- I bet they will be great for my preschool class!
Thanks again, Kathy Salazar

Denise@DigiHaven said...

What a wonderful thing to do and such a fantastic idea! I'll be sure to have everyone in the family download the app.

bryansgyrl said...

Such cute artwork! Would love to win the app, and I'm off to download the penguin game right now. :). Thank you! And thank you David for creating this app!

Lagene said...

What a wonderful clip for the app for Liz's book! It's a wonderful idea and quite a tribute to Liz I think!

Phyllis Harris said...

I am a BIG fan of Liz's art! What a wonderful tribute to honor and remember her through her beautiful work for all to enjoy in this fun way.

Laura Long said...

I'm a current Early Childhood Special Education teacher and a future school librarian- I can't wait to check out this new book medium. I've seen a couple of app books but these ones sound most interesting. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!- Laura Long (St. Louis MO)

Barbf said...

What a cute idea. I love to have books on my ipad for my grandchildren to read. They love it and it points out that technology is for more than games

Kathy said...

Ilove her books! The Snowball is SO CUTE!