Five favorite sights

So, last Monday we covered our Five Favorite Smells. Not only is thinking of favorite smells a relaxing activity to get all those wheels in your head to shut up so you can go to sleep, it's not a bad writing exercise either. Do you forget to include all the senses when you write? Sometimes I do, and I have to go back in and add what a place feels like, smells like. How is the light? What is the weather?
   Anyhow - today we cover sight. My five (ha!) favorite sights are:

   • A grey sky on a purely writing day.
   • New buds on the branches of the tree just outside my window.
   • A fiery yellow sugar maple at its peak in Fall.
   • A beautiful sunrise/sunset. (Not original, but hey.)
   • A freshly made bed, right before I crawl into it.

How about you?
   I had so much fun reading your answers last week and I know you'll remind me of tons of things I've forgotten to list. Have at it!


Theresa said...

What a wonderful thing to think about.
Other than the faces of any one of my children, the first thoughts of my favorite sights are:
-A flower(any flower), in bloom
-A baby(any baby), sleeping
-Christmas tree on Christmas eve after everything is done and everyone has gone to bed, sitting in the dark and watching the blinking lights on the tree.
-Early morning sunrise
-Whales breaching, sometimes, not more than 10 meters from our boat.

There are so many more, but these are the ones that came to mind, first.

Julie Hedlund said...

I love your first one! Those are even more precious to me living in Colorado. Most the time the 300 days of sun a year is fantastic, but it makes the cozy days great too.

Here's a list of mine (besides my children, of course)

1. The sight of my dog at the door when I come home.
2. The moon in any of its phases
3. The tulips on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder in springtime.
4. My name listed as the author on a book (oh.. wait! that hasn't happened yet... :-))
5. Azaleas in full bloom.

Fun to think about!

Anonymous said...

1. A sleeping baby.
2. My children.
3. Any flower that I planted, in bloom.
4. A neat shelf of books.
5. Sunsets.

It's really hard to pick just five things!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Theresa, I love your Christmas tree and whales images!

Julie, Yup. I love it when my doggie greets me when I return home too. And the azaleas in Atlanta! Oh! It can be like living in an Easter parade.

Anonymous - it IS hard to pick only five things. And isn't that wonderful? :) e