Colosse - A Wood Tale

This is so sweet - Colosse - A Wood Tale! It's by Yves Geleyn - a short film about a robot and a little bird.

At first I thought - this would make such a great picture book! But then I realized, no it wouldn't.
     Why? Because so much of what is cute about this story is the pecking of the woodpecker - and that wouldn't translate as well into print.
     When I do critiques at conferences, I often get stories with the same problem. In motion, the gags would be hilarious. But in print, they just don't translate.
     Have you ever written a story like that? (I know I have!)
     Thanks to The Kid Should See This for the heads up.


Very clever! Love the idea of a wooden robot, and that woodpecker is adorable. Thanks for sharing.
The music adds so much too! That's another thing that can't translate to PBs. Lovely and sweet, tho!

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