05 May 2012

Frankenstein and Blue Jays

Two fun packages arrived in the mail Friday. The first was my prize package for ROBOT ZOMBIE FRANKENSTEIN by Annette Simon. (Won at Cynsations!) At first I didn't understand why my prize package included a pirate hat, hook and eye-patch. Or a chef's hat and apron. But when you read the book, you'll know why. It's a very simple, very funny, very true-to-age (very young) story of one-upmanship and friendship. And I do indeed recommend it.

     The second was a book I agreed to review called THE HIGH-SKIES ADVENTURES OF BLUE JAY THE PIRATE by Scott Nash. I do some reviews here at dulemba.com, so I'm on the PR mailing list for publishing houses. When I agree to accept a book for review, I always warn them that I don't do bad reviews and that if I don't like it, I won't say a word about it. But this one looked promising.
     I haven't read BLUE JAY yet, so can't vouch for it. (I'll write again if I can.) But I love the packaging and extras it arrived with. There's a brochure about the book, a pack of blue jay notecards, and this groovy bag to hold it all. I usually just receive a book, so this certainly caught my attention. Good job Candlewick!



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