Gas-Art Gifts Youth Innovators Program

A new friend of mine, award-winning children's book illustrator R. Gregory Christie, is starting a very cool project near my home. It's called Gas-Art Gifts. Not only will it be his working studio, but it will host signed picture books and classes for inspired young artists here in Atlanta.
     He's trying to raise money to cover the initial start-up - first with Kickstarter (great video about the program is at this link) and now through Indiegogo. Will you help?
     Greg is a multiple award-winning (Coretta Scott King and such) illustrator and after having met him, I can tell you, he's the real deal. The man is inspired and inspiring. We're so lucky to have him nearby, and I know he will do a lot of good if he can get this project off the ground.
     Not to mention, you can get some really cool art by supporting his program. So go check it out, learn more, and support Gas-Art Gifts!


Cool program!
Wow - what vision! Wishing Greg and his venture much success. Thanks for sharing.

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