Kayaking the Marshes

Another thing we like to do while on vacation is go kayaking. I have fallen in love with marshland. Again with the light thing - they are so gorgeous and changing. I'm torn between ocean and marshes.
     We've used SouthEast Adventure Outfitters twice now, and I highly recommend them. Last time we were there we did the St. Simons Kayak Tour. This year (because of the tides and wanting to try something new) we did the Brunswick Kayak Tour. It was a little shorter, but still a blast.
     We took off from a dock in Brunswick, Georgia. It was a decent sized group of us including a young boy named Jack who I was ready to kidnap and claim as my own!

     I love the smell of the marshes, and it's never better than down in the heart of them - briny and pungent. They are the world's filters and as such teem with life.

     From our vantage point, the view of the Sidney Lanier Bridge was spectacular. At certain angles it looks like sails of a ship.
     The mullet jump in front of your boat and the birds are so rare and wonderful (to us city types) we fancy ourselves amateur ornithologists.

     I should kayak more often - it makes me truly happy.

     Stan too...