St. Simons Island

This year's vacation was St. Simons Island, Georgia. I know people like to stay on the ocean, but I prefer near the pier - where the ocean meets the causeway. There's so much activity and the light - the LIGHT! Just the pier alone becomes like a Monet throughout the day.



     Enormous ships come and go from ports all over the world. They're so huge, it's hard to fathom. And with every one that passes we wonder, where is it from? Where is it going? What does it have onboard? What is its STORY?

     Ever present is the little tug that escorts the big ships to and fro.

And of course we ate - isn't that the definition of vacation? Breakfast was at Palmer's Village Cafe, walking distance from where we stayed in the heart of downtown St. Simons. (A long, meandering walk, to prepare for the caloric damage.)

And we discovered THE best BBQ I've EVER had at Southern Soul Barbeque. Seriously, we went back twice. TWICE in one week. What am I going to do when I crave it all the way from Atlanta?
     Ahhh, vacation. We used to not take them. But after ten years, that first one was more of a coma, so we've made a point to take them ever since. And St. Simons is a fave. The view was ever changing. The tide became part of our being. We ate enough seafood to grow fins. And the sound of the waves rocked us to sleep each night.
     *sigh* When can we go back?


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